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Wax Carved Prong Settings Tool Kit

Wax Carved Prong Settings Tool Kit

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CZ Round Machine-Cut Faceted Stone - 6mm (1 stone), 4mm (1 stone) & 3mm (2 stones)

Busch Tungsten Vanadium Stone-Setting Bur -5.75mm

High-Speed Steel Stone Setting Bur - 2.9mm & 3.8mm

Busch Tungsten Vanadium Cross-Cut Krause Burs - 1mm

Ferris, File-A-Wax Ring Tube, Fat Side with Hole, Purple

Wax Pen

Wax Pen replacement tip

Silicone Knife-Edge Polishing Wheel, Blue, Fine

Silicone Knife-Edge Polishing Wheel, Pink, Extra-Fine

Cup bur - 1.4mm

Optional Tools for class:

Busch Tungsten Vanadium Wax Burs - 1.8mm & 3.1mm
Busch Tungsten Vanadium Round Bur - 1mm, 3mm & 5mm
Metal saw blades - 6/0 & 2/0
Wax needle files
Metal needle files - 2 cut
4 cut barrette needle file
Wax Carving tools
Sandpaper - 320, 400 & 600 Grit
Brown silicone pin (fine) and pin vise for flex shaft Blue knife edge silicone wheel
Split mandrel
Muslin buff for flex shaft
Soft felt buff for flex shaft
Chain nose pliers
Bezel Pusher
Straight Burnisher
10ga Brass wire