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Intentional Practices - Lunch Break by Naama Levit and Hilla Shapira

Intentional Practices - Lunch Break by Naama Levit and Hilla Shapira

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This is a proposal for a speculative exploration of the mundane act of preparing a meal for oneself. The work encompasses performative actions, utensils, and wearable Objects. During the performance, the objects will be activated in the preparation of a sandwich.

Each piece is designed for a specific purpose: spreading, scooping, picking, and sifting.

There will be 4 spoons/tools, each tailored to its unique function. The wearable piece serves to carry all the tools and produce needed. The intention of the action is to emphasize a single moment, challenging the perception of time that prioritizes efficiency. Preparing a meal for oneself is a mundane and familiar act. By focusing on this daily ritual, we aim to find appreciation for the small details and highlight the value of care for oneself.

Hilla Shapira is a textile and wearable artist, and Naama Levit is a chef and jewelry artist. Coming from backgrounds in design, art, and craft, we prioritize a custom design perspective, creating tools specifically tailored to their intended actions and the human body.

Naama Levit and Hilla Schapira

Intentional Practices - Lunch Break

Copper and textile

Dimensions variable