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LUXI Red Polishing Compound

LUXI Red Polishing Compound

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LUXI red is a silica-free polishing compound, composed of an alumina oxide abrasive in a water-soluble binder. Because it is silica-free and contains no hazardous material, this compound is safer to use. In addition, its special structure and composition (vegetable fat-based) allow you to use less; the compound stays in place on your buff, minimizes metal loss in process, and is easy to clean up—all while producing an amazing finish.
Use this red compound any time you would use traditional red rouge—it's ideal for final polishing of gold and silver to a high luster. For best results, use with a 6" loose-fold buff at 3,000rpm.

Each package contains one bar of compound.

 Brand : LUXI

  • Dimensions : 5"L x 1-1/2"W
  • Color : Red
  • Country of origin : United Kingdom