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Faceting Bootcamp with Justin K Prim
Faceting Bootcamp with Justin K Prim
Faceting Bootcamp with Justin K Prim

Faceting Bootcamp with Justin K Prim

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Our Faceting Bootcamp course is the fastest way to get your gemcutting practice up and running. We start with the absolute basics, so that anyone can start cutting, even if they have with no prior lapidary knowledge. Over the course of two weeks, you will cut four stones. The first three will be from natural rough gem material and the final stone will be a recut where you will learn to improve the beauty and value of an already faceted stone.

The course covers everything you need to know to get started in cutting gemstones, from practical skills like hand shaping to more advanced aspects of the business like understanding different sectors of the gemcutting market. As we proceed deeper into the course, you will develop the skills needed to be able to facet gemstones on a professional level. You will not only learn the basic techniques for cutting and polishing gems, such as the operation of the handpiece-style faceting machine, wax dopping, hand preforming, polishing theory, and glue transfers, but also advanced techniques such as how to manipulate the facet geometry, how and when to use the cheater, as well as the art of recutting. The course is taught in small groups by two professional gemcutters, to ensure that each student gets the most out of this intensive learning experience.

After completing the course, you'll understand all the steps that a stone must go through to get from the rough to the polished state. You'll also be able to identify which gemstones can have their value and beauty increased through recutting and repolishing. Upon graduation, a certificate will be issued to you, attesting to your new skills and professional experience. From that point it’s up to you where you will take your new skillset. Whether you open your own gemcutting business or cut stones as a favorite past time, the opportunities will be open to you after you graduate from Faceting Bootcamp.

Class size 4 students.

Open to all levels, the Faceting Bootcamp course can be taken by those who have tried gemstone cutting before, as well as those with no cutting experience at all. We will provide all the practical and gemological information you need to become an intelligent gemstone buyer, as well as a competent gemstone cutter.
The course has been developed for both hobbyists and gem trade professionals who want to develop new skills in order to improve their cutting practice. Whether you’re a professional who wants to work with cutting factories and bespoke cutters and buy cut stones in the market, or you’re a hobbyist looking to learn the art of cutting and recutting, the Faceting Bootcamp intensive course has something valuable to offer you.

*Each class day includes a morning lecture, demonstrations, as well as morning and afternoon cutting sessions.

*Students will be provided with all the machines, tools, and gems needed to complete the course.

*Students will take home the four faceted stones that they cut, as well as a workbook, practice preforms, and a certificate of completion.

All students receive a 50% discount on hourly bench rentals throughout the duration of their course.

Refunds & Credit

Please email us at info@bkmetalworks.com to withdraw from class. Withdrawals from class more than 7 days prior to the start of the class will receive a full refund for the class minus a 10% processing fee. If cancellation occurs 3-6 days prior to the class, we will provide a 50% refund. Cancellations 48 hours or less receive a 25% refund. Refunds will not be provided for no-shows or same-day cancellations.

We do not refund tuition for classes that students miss due to their own circumstances. There will be no refunds once the class begins in any circumstance, nor can we transfer you to a later semester. Students enrolled in multi-session studio courses (excluding workshops and intensives) may make-up missed class sessions during open studio hours for up to two weeks after the last class meeting.

We reserve the right to cancel or discontinue any class, in which case you may choose to receive a refund, apply the class credit towards a different course, or receive a tuition credit for future use. Tuition credits are valid for up to one year. Refunds will be issued within 30 days.

More information can be found here - https://www.bkmetalworks.com/faceting-bootcamp