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Casting Chains tool kit

Casting Chains tool kit

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Wax Supplies

Ferris Blue Wax slice assortment 

Assorted wax wires

Spiral saw blades #3

Propeller/wax burs, round 1.8mm + 3.1mm

8" Double ended wax hand file

Set of wax needle files

Set of wax carving tools

6” steel millimeter ruler

Metal Supplies

Sawblades: 3/0 & 6/0

Sandpaper: 220, 320, 400, 600

Set of needle files

4 Split mandrels

Burs: single cut flame (1mm), single cut cylinder 2.1mm & bud .9mm & 2.1mm

Polishing pin mandrel & EVE brown silicone pins - 2mm